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Regardless of your life stage, Next Academy can assist you with the "4 components for retirement planning" - fulfilling your potentials, building a social support network, cultivating a healthy lifestyle and managing your wealth properly. BCT Next Academy is ready to explore with you!
Leaflet of BCT Next Academy
  • Self-enhancement
    Continuing Education • Li Ka Shing Institute of Professional and Continuing Education, OUHK
  • Life Enrichment
    Any Hong Kong resident over the age of 55 may enroll to the courses, and eligible participants can receive tuition fee subsidies from BCT Next Academy.
  • Curiosity • Discovery
    Through collaborating with various organisations and professionals, we organize seminars to encourage financial literacy and expand knowledge in different subjects.
Piggy's Classroom
Take the first step to your retirement planning by learning about your MPF.
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  • BCT MPF Tutorial - Flexible MPF Allocation with BCT
  • BCT MPF Tutorial - Mid-year Investment Outlook 2019
  • BCT MPF Tutorial – 2019 EP1: The Myth of TVC
  • BCT MPFmadeeasy #1 Understanding Your MPF Statement
  • BCT MPFmadeeasy #2 Account Consoliation
  • BCT E-Channel
Retirement Planning
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BCT provides MPF Account Consolidation Service
MPF is an important asset for your retirement. If you have more than one MPF personal account, why not consolidate them?
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Preferential Management Fee for Retired Member
Personal account members who are 65 years old or above, or retired early at 60 are entitled to preferential management fee.
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